Laser etched 3d photo crystals

How can Photos can be laser etched inside a solid block of crystal?

Using state of the art Laser etching technology; two laser beams from different angles are set up to meet at one tiny point inside the crystal. As the laser beams collide the light energy is converted into heat and this melts a tiny fragment of the crystal causing a single visible dot.

This process is repeated many thousands of times creating a separate dot for each collision. The process is controlled by a high precision laser crystal etching machine and eventually the dots make up a replica of the original photo to create the finished laser etched crystal

Laser etched photos

Laserpics Laserpics is a long established company operating from shop premises based in the famous indoor Bullring in Birmingham. Laserpics has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of high quality crystal gifts and personalised crystal products at incredibly competitive prices.See laser etched crystals

Whatever the special occasion, a high quality crystal is a gift that will be remembered. Add to it a personalised message and your crystal gift will be a truly personal and completely unique gift that will be treasured for many years.

rotating 3D Crystal
Examples of 3D laser etched crystals

Pictured above are examples of laser etched photo crystals from LaserPics a company with many years of experience producing high quality 3d photo crystals. There is a range of crystals to choose from including solid blocks key rings and pendants and many more.

Any memorable photo of a loved one or maybe a favourite pet can be laser engraved into the center of a solid block of crystal, keyring or a pendant to create a truly personalised mothers day gift that she will treasure. The photo can be of anything so the gift truly is unique and personal. Just upload the photo and Laserpics will do the rest.

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